What type of furniture do we accept?

What we accept

The answer is quite simple: gently used items that we consider essential when furnishing a home.

Imagine moving into a new apartment; cold floors, bare walls, an empty kitchen. 

You would need to fill the unit with good, sturdy, usable pieces that transform the space into a space to call your own. The families that receive your donations need gently used pieces to make their house a home.

What we want: 

Items free of stains, tears, broken or missing pieces. Our clients deserve the dignity of having usable items that are not in need of repair. As they may not have means necessary to repair items, we will only accept items that are ready for use. If you felt comfortable giving away the furniture to a family member or friend in its present condition, we would probably be willing to accept!

Items that are free standing, do not require assembly/ disassembly and do not exceed 6 ft in height. Our clients primarily reside in small spaces such as bachelor apartments or basement units. That being said, we cannot provide them with very large pieces- they just won’t fit! Our clients may not have the means or tools necessary to fixture large items to walls or disassemble things like wood bed frames. For this reason, we keep things simple and only take metal castor rail frames. We can take mattresses, but not king size. They generally take up a lot of room!

Everyday essential items. Living room, bedroom, dining room furniture and boxes of dishes. Things like sofas, end tables, dining chairs, dishes and cutlery. A framed mirror, framed picture or a lamp with a shade add a personal touch. Things like exercise equipment, outdoor furniture and instruments are things we do not deem essential. Additionally, we do not take baby or children items for reasons of health and safety. 

For a full list of items we can accept for donation, as well as items we cannot and where you can donate those, please check out our link below.

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