When Is the Best Time to Do Your Downsizing?

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Guest post by Karen Shinn, Downsizing Diva and Move Manager Extraordinaire

At Downsizing Diva, a question we are often asked is…When is the best time to downsize? Our answer is…TODAY!

Life’s transitions provide good reasons for downsizing:


There is a theory that we should move every five years so we don’t accumulate too much surplus stuff. Kinda makes sense! When contemplating a move to a new home, most people seem to know what they want to take with them; the biggest challenge is figuring out what to do with everything else! Furniture, small household appliances, dishes, cutlery and decorative items are all treasures that can find new homes at places like Furniture Bank!


When your son or daughter moves out of the house to attend college or university, they may take some furniture with them to furnish off-campus rental spaces. But they will likely leave behind beds, desks, dressers, lamps, chairs and other items that no longer suit their changing tastes.  Thinking about turning your student’s former bedroom into an office or hobby room? Consider donating the furniture, household items and old school supplies & accessories that will not suit your new décor.


As an Executor, you can find yourself with a house full of furniture no one wants. Your first inclination may be to pack boxes and rent a storage locker or move them to your basement. Don’t procrastinate…deal with these items immediately! Share them with people who would both need and appreciate them. Click here to see 5 considerations to keep in mind when administering an estate.

People get warm-fuzzy feelings when they know they have shared what they have with people who will use and treasure the items as much as they did! Working with Furniture Bank, enables us to help our clients give safe passage to things they no longer want, use or need. And after all… isn’t that what life is all about?

Click here for a list of items Furniture Bank accepts for donation.

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