Where to donate Baby Items [COVID updated]

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Donating baby items Toronto
Where to donate baby items

Do you have gently used baby items you don’t want to see end up in a landfill? Want to help support a new mom in need? Well, we couldn’t be happier you’ve stopped by today, because we’ve got a few solutions for you!

While Furniture Bank cannot accept any baby items for donation for redistribution to the families we serve, we’d love to help you find a good home for them. Our goal is to help you support those in need in our communities, and all the while helping our planet! As you may know, Furniture Bank cannot accept all the items you may have for donation so this is why we regularly make posts to help you find alternatives! Check out our latest article below:

Alternative Options for Donations

When it comes to baby items, we wanted to have the latest updates on how the organizations are operating in this difficult time. And we are more than happy to share a few organizations where you can donate baby furniture and baby items to!

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The New Mom Project is operated within a community health framework with a focus to provide safe sleeping environments, safe car seats to bring baby home from the hospital, carriers or strollers to reduce isolation and provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, as well as seasonal clothing for the infant (source: New Mom Project).

Due to COVID-19, the New Mom Project closed their donation center and cancelled their drop-off service. There are three ways you can support them at that moment:

> Join their private group on Facebook where you can donate your baby items to a mom in need:

> Support a new mom with a Baby Bundle:

> Consider donating to the New Mom Project: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/30903

The Baby Tuck Shop provides free essential maternity and baby items to families receiving obstetric care at St. Michael’s Hospital (source: St Michael’s Hospital).

They accept gently used and clean items for babies up to 12 months. Things like cribs, bassinets, blankets, shoes and bibs, are all acceptable items. Contactless Drop off is available at St Michael’s Hospital- 61 Queen St E, Toronto ON M5C 2T2.

Please visit their website to arrange a contactless drop off:


The list is not long and our goal is to keep updating it once the things will get back to normal. We are very aware that some organizations may never get back to their previous way of operating but the need for baby items, just like the need for furniture, clothing and food, never ends.

Let’s keep supporting our local communities. Because we can.

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