Where to Donate Clothes During COVID [in Toronto]

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Full disclosure: As we write this, we are hopeful the lockdown will come to an end some time soon, so that the options for donating gently used clothing increase!

Nevertheless, some of you call us and ask where you could donate your linens and clothing. We know that a lot of organizations are closed for now but we did some research and discovered that there are still places that are supporting vulnerable people in crisis! This way you can transfer your gently used clothes to those who need them and be sure that they won’t be wasted!

Where you can donate your clothes and linens now?

You can drop-off your donation in a bin or schedule a distanced pickup!

Sort your items (link) and set an appointment for a drop-off! 

Virtually meet other moms and give away items you no longer need.

The best way to give away items to those who will actually use them!

Prepare a list of items based on their list on the website and set a drop-off appointment.

They have a lot of drop box locations all around the city – find the closest one by clicking the link above!

Depending on their warehouse’s capacity – contact them and make sure they can accept your donation at that time.

  • Local churches

You can contact your local church asking if they are accepting any donations at that time – there are still plenty of people that we may help! 

Did you know..?

That Furniture Bank accepts boxes of housewares and framed art? Request your pickup today and help us to end furniture poverty! 

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