Alternative Options for Donations

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Our main objective when receiving furniture donations is to look for essential items that can be distributed to the families we serve. This includes living room, bedroom, dining room furniture as well as housewares. These are basic essentials everyone needs in order to start a home.

We’d like to help you find alternative options for the items we cannot accept. Please note that each organization’s services may be affected by the current lockdown. They will have an updated COVID-19 policy on their website.

Table of Contents

Books, Clothing & Linens

Some great alternatives for donating books are the Toronto Public Library Foundation, Textbooks for change and the Children’s Bookbank. Have any good condition clothing or linens? Try a local Goodwill, Salvation Army or even a local Animal Shelter that may have use for some old towels and linens.

Sport Equipment, Musical Instruments

Kids Sport is a great initiative that helps marginalized children and youth gain access to organized sport.

ARTSCAN is a great organization that engages with indiginous youth through music! Through their initiative, they connect artists with youth through creative workshops. If you’d like to support this great cause, check out their link below!

Office Furniture & Reno Waste & Larger Furniture Items

Habitat for Humanity is a for-profit organization that builds homes for lower to working-class families. Through their ReStore, they sell items at a lowered cost which helps fund their organization. If you have large furniture items to donate, bed frames, office furniture, reno waste, appliances and more, they may be able to accept and provide a tax receipt. Please note their pickup and drop off service may be affected due to COVID-19. If you’re looking to donate a large number of office furniture, Green Standards Limited, who for a cost, help with a donation, resale and recycle of excess office furniture. They charge for their services and they have a minimum project size of 15,000 sq feet.

medical healtcare

Mobility Devices, Wheelchairs

If you have any gently used medical equipment or mobility type items like walkers and wheelchairs that you no longer have use for, you can donate to the ALS Society of Canada and the Toronto Rehab Foundation.

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