How Furniture Donations Help Women & Children Exiting Abuse


‘How furniture donations help women & children exiting abuse’

It’s extremely hard to imagine what it takes for a single mother to build up the courage to leave her abusive partner…

One of our clients who had the courage to do so and holds a special place in our hearts is Stephanie. Like many of the clients we serve at Furniture Bank, Stephanie sought refuge at a women’s shelter with her daughter Savannah after working up the courage to leave her abusive ex-boyfriend of 3 years.

Upon moving out of the shelter into affordable housing, all Stephanie and Savannah had to furnish their new home was a table, an inflatable mattress and a crib. That’s it!

“Leaving my ex and starting over with pretty much nothing was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. But I knew it was the right one for myself and my daughter’s health and safety.”

After countless sleepless nights and no true sense of stability, Stephanie was referred to Furniture Bank where she worked with a volunteer to select a queen size bed for herself, a sofa, two dressers, a coffee table and housewares – all furniture donations that were donated by community members like you.

Want to help more families like Stephanie’s?

It costs Furniture Bank $250 to furnish a home for a family. Make a financial donation today and help more families like Stephanie’s live with the dignity, comfort and stability of a furnished home.


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