Your Generosity Helped Rijo Create a Home…

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Furniture Bank Client

YOUR generosity helped Rijo create a home

“Thanks to the people who donate their furniture to Furniture Bank, when my wife and young son reach Canada this August, they’ll be coming to a home; not to an empty, sorrowful place.”

A dark empty room brightened with each piece of furniture placed. “How is it possible to be sad in this country?” asks Rijo. Heavy, solid wood chairs were placed one by one until four were tucked under the newly placed table. Rijo ran his hand across its smooth surface.

He closed his eyes and allowed himself to imagine, and to dream, about the reasons and seasons and milestones that would bring his family together around this table. Opening his eyes, Rijo smiled and delightfully shared, “We now have a gathering place. A sharing place. This is where our new life begins. This table is a symbol of my family’s chance for a happy life.”

In Rijo's words

“I’m beyond emotional when I think of the people who’s furniture is now in my home. They’re behind this priceless gift: my precious new home. This furniture creates a home for us – it was just a shell until these treasures arrived. Everyone who got us to this day belongs in our success story.”

Because of YOU, Rijo can welcome his family into a true home. And for that, we say ‘THANK YOU!’

Donors like you have helped over 30,000 newcomers and refugees enjoy the dignity of furniture in their new homes.

But there is still a long way to go….

YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT WILL play a transformational role in ensuring others like Rijo live with the dignity and stability of a furnished homes.

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