Your used furniture
will change a life.

How It Works

Pink Armchair

Downsize. Declutter. Donate.

Moving Truck

Hire our team to pick up your furniture.

Mother and Son

Change the life of a family in need.

From your home to a new home within the week.

What Customers Are Saying

  • If you have older furniture why wouldn't you donate here? You get a tax receipt, the pick-up process is super easy and everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful. They got back to me within 3 days and picked up my sofa a day later!

    Taylor Marsden Avatar
    Taylor Marsden

    I loved our experience with Furniture Bank. Easy pick-up of our gently used couch that now has a new home.

    Janet Beale Murphy Avatar
    Janet Beale Murphy

    Good customer service

    john david Avatar
    john david
  • It's nice to know the furniture I was going to discard can get put to good use.

    Bryan Chan Avatar
    Bryan Chan

    Easy to work with. They helped me declutter my space and made it easier for me to move. It's nice to know that my items actually go to someone in need.

    Zahra Rizvi Avatar
    Zahra Rizvi

    I was renovating my home and was planning on discarding all my old furniture. A friend of mine told me about Furniture Bank and they came and picked up all my furniture pieces. Now it doesn't have to go into a landfill, I would recommend that people donate over discard any day of the week.

    Jennifer King Avatar
    Jennifer King
  • It's nice to know that my used furniture is being put to good use. These guys came and removed 2 couches for me easily and now I know that they will be used by someone who wants or needs them! I have been recommending these guys to my friends ever since.

    Heindrik Bernabe Avatar
    Heindrik Bernabe

    Why would you discard your furniture when this incredible company will pick up and make it available to a family in need. I have been donating furniture instead of placing it on my curb for the last few years.

    Mike Warus Avatar
    Mike Warus

    A well run organization, it felt good to give them the loved furniture . And now it’s someone else s turn. Great job ,keep it up!

    Kristin Basmadjian Avatar
    Kristin Basmadjian

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