Your used furniture
will change a life.

How It Works

Pink Armchair

Downsize. Declutter. Donate.

Moving Truck

Hire our team to pick up your furniture.

Mother and Son

Change the life of a family in need.

From your home to a new home within the week.

What Customers Are Saying

  • A well run organization, it felt good to give them the loved furniture . And now it’s someone else s turn. Great job ,keep it up!

    Kristin Basmadjian Avatar
    Kristin Basmadjian

    I take clients here regularly. The staff and volunteers are very kind, and everything is old but good quality, a lot of the furniture is quite beautiful if you enjoy the older styles. They care here.

    Faye Jac Avatar
    Faye Jac

    Very organized service. Staff is very kind and understanding. A big thank you to everyone who donated their furniture and time to run this place!

    Fay Carretta Avatar
    Fay Carretta
  • Amazing organization! Punctual pickup. Service above and beyond. Highly recommended!

    Jennifer Webb Avatar
    Jennifer Webb

    Volunteer/ staffs were very helpful. As a newcomer in Canada, furniture bank helped me to furnish my new home with the furnitures I need. I would request everyone, if you are considering donating your unwanted furnitures, please call furniture bank first.

    Moin Hasan Avatar
    Moin Hasan

    Such a great concept! Love this organization. Limited drop off times.

    sjoholm1974 Avatar
  • Stella is the best! Quick responses, knows her stuff, on top of things and very courteous. Highly recommended.

    Googleu ser Avatar
    Googleu ser

    Doing a great service for the community and also very positive support for donors.

    Andrew Krupowicz Avatar
    Andrew Krupowicz

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