Empty housing is no way to live

Give your neighbours the home they deserve 

Donors like you have helped over 120,000 individuals create a home

Over 5,520 individuals and families were gifted furniture in 2022

Over 1.6m pounds of furnishing redirected back to the community

For many of your neighbours, living in empty housing means that there is no place to connect, share a meal, or create memories together. And with an average cost of $8,000 to furnish a one-bedroom apartment, how can families possibly create a safe and dignified home for themselves and their children?

This year we launched the Sleep Well, a program that aims to provide every child who walks through Furniture Bank’s doors with the comfort and security of a cozy bed. 

The Sleep Well Program is our commitment to addressing the critical need for comfortable and restful sleep among the children we serve. Beyond providing beds, it’s about creating an environment that fosters healthy development, academic success, and emotional well-being.

By making a gift today, you help ensure that no child in our community experiences the indignity of sleeping on the floor. 

Your gift of:

  • $25 will provide a comforting stuffed animal and pillow
  • $50 will supply warm bedding for a restful night
  • $75 will contribute to the purchase of a much-needed mattress
  • $100 will help furnish a child’s room with a sturdy bedframe
  • $250 will sponsor a bedtime essentials package for 1 child
  • $500 will support a full-bedroom Sleep Well package for 1 child
  • $1,000 will transform the nights of 2 children with full-bedroom Sleep Well packages
Support the Sleep Well Program by making a charitable donation in Toronto. Your generosity ensures better sleep and health for children. Join Furniture Bank's mission today.

Why Sleep Well matters

Since 2020, the number of people dealing with furniture poverty has surged by an alarming 200%. The stark reality is that without proper beds, our beneficiary families are trapped in unimaginable sleeping conditions—deflated air mattresses, couch cushions, winter coats and clothes, yoga mats, and far too often, the floor.

Research consistently shows that insufficient sleep significantly impacts a child’s cognitive and mental health. For every hour of lost sleep, there’s a 38% rise in feelings of sadness, increased depression symptoms, and, notably, a 58% surge in suicide attempts among adolescents.

With your help, we can create an environment where children have the foundation to excel academically, unlocking doors to a brighter future. And by providing cozy beds, we are nurturing a sense of security and comfort that contributes to a positive and happy childhood.


Why we do it

We know how important it is to find safety in a place you can finally call home.

Martin’s story highlights the transformative power of furniture. And that’s with your help.

With more families being transitioned off the streets and shelters and into housing to keep our communities safe, we have been delivering both furniture and home hygiene & cleaning kits.

Other ways to give:

Canada Helps Securities

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By mail:

If you prefer to mail your gift, please mail to the following:
Donations at Furniture Bank
25 Connell Court, Unit 1
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 1E8

Leave a legacy through Furniture Bank

Your legacy means something. To you, your family, your community and to us. When thinking about your values and how you wish to be remembered, please consider leaving a gift to Furniture Bank in your will.

Leaving a legacy gift to Furniture Bank is an opportunity to make long-term meaningful social, economic, and environmental change in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Many donors are not in a position to make a sizable major gift to Furniture Bank during their lifetime. By adding a bequest in your Will, you can leave a lasting legacy with one of the most trusted charities in Canada that honours your commitment to social justice and our mission to end furniture poverty.

How to leave a gift to Furniture Bank in your will

If you are considering including a gift to Furniture Bank in your Will, please let us know. We would welcome the opportunity to thank you and discuss the impact you hope your donation will help accomplish.

For help in preparing your gift, please consult your legal advisor and/or financial planner. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Legal Name: Furniture Bank
  • Charitable Registration Number:#87253 1843 RR0001

Are you a corporation seeking local solutions?

Join Furniture Bank’s efforts of connect corporate goals to direct impact in their communities with a social circular economy model. Join other companies in creating sustainable and impactful circular economy solutions that address furniture poverty across Canada.