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Furniture Bank
25 Connell Court, Unit 1
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8Z 1E8


Monday — Friday
8:30 AM — 4:30 PM


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Need Furniture?

Furniture Bank supports families and individuals experiencing furniture poverty, including women and children leaving shelters, people transitioning from homelessness, and newcomers to Canada.

We're here for you.

If you can't afford to furnish your home, we're here to help. You're the reason we exist!

Give Furniture?

With Furniture Bank your furniture can go from your home to a new home within 72 hours. We are the most socially and environmentally responsible furniture removal solution!

We need you.

Without people like you, we couldn't continue doing what we do for those in need in our community. 
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For general inquiries please use the form below or call us at 416.934.1229.  

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