25 Chair Affair Designs Make Live Auction

Choosing is so hard every year…

We would love to live auction all of the Chair Affair submissions but no one wants to sit through a 4 hour auction. So as a committee we reflected on why we host Chair Affairs, and we’re trying to put the very best designs on auction to raise funds that will allow Furniture Bank to expand its daily charitable activities.

We wanted the public to have a voice in ensuring their favourites were in the live auction. Further to that we wanted to include the other designs we felt would most resonate with bidders, to maximize the funds raised at Chair Affair.

So the first 10 were chosen by a public vote, in the hopes these ones will draw the highest bids. The next 15 were determined by the Chair Affair Committee on the basis of the quality of the piece as well as the commitment designers showed to our cause and event. Things we took into consideration included how many Chair Affair’s designers have participated in, how many tickets they helped us sell this year, support promoting Chair Affair and volunteer time.

All of the designers will be featured at the event, with all their pieces provided the same gallery space for bidders to consider. We will allow bidders to access the event from their mobile phone as well – so every designer gets an opportunity to raise funds for the charity equally.

Below are photos of the 25 designs that will be in the Chair Affair live auction on the 30th of October at The International Centre. The rest will be available to bid on in our silent auction.

Live Auction Designs

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