Client Spotlight: Jessica

“Did I ever think I’d have two small children with another one on the way – and have no place to live? Not in a million years.”

Relieved to be given priority housing, this young mother is clear about what made her apartment more than four walls.

“When your place is empty, you feel empty. I’m grateful to be out of the shelter but it’s been sad here without furniture. These walls aren’t what makes a home. It’s the comfort of the things within the walls. Can you sleep on a wall, or relax on one? The changes that furniture brought to our home were immediate. Being able to cuddle on the couch. Being able to put my kids to bed the first night, because they finally had a bed – there are no words. I want my kids to know what a home feels like. Once you know, once you have the feeling of home inside you, you’ll work hard to have one and keep it. When the kids start school, they’ll be able to invite their friends over to their home with pride. It’s the little things that really are the big things in life. I always want them to know that and appreciate what they have. Furniture’s allowing us to be a family. A family like any other.”

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