Jeannie’s Reflection on Her Furniture Bank Volunteer Experience

In this guest blog post, Jeannie, Director of Marketing at Distinctive Appliances, reflects on her Furniture Bank volunteer experience with her SOFA team. 

In Jeannie’s Words:

Volunteering has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Spending a few hours of your time can be a rewarding and sometimes even a soul enriching experience.  Volunteering reminds us of the everyday struggles that take place within our community.  It is sad when you see people that are really trying to provide for their loved ones yet they can’t even sit down for dinner because a simple table and chair is beyond the family budget.

For those families they get to lean on The Furniture Bank. This wonderful organization helps individuals and families rebuild their lives. Setting up families with necessary furniture and household items with respect and dignity so they can provide some comfort and stability for their family is absolutely commendable.

On Monday February 23rd, I was privileged to meet Joyce, age 70. While most people at this age have settled in to enjoy retirement this lovely lady along with her 2 sisters are starting all over again.  It was my great pleasures to assist her and her two sisters in furnishing their two bedroom apartment.

I will never do justice to explain the overwhelming emotions I felt that day, after we had finished Joyce reminded me that no matter what life throws your way there is still room for love.  She gave us a big hug and thanked us.  Even though Joyce has still got a long way to go, she was already making plans to come back and volunteer.  She was going to pay it forward, what an amazing lady!

If you can, please take the time to volunteer at the Furniture Bank and if you can’t go into your basements and closets and donate those slightly used items.  Then follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see how your donations will affect so many families.

Want to get involved?

Click here to learn more about group volunteering opportunities at Furniture Bank.

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