New Home! Time to Figure Out Furniture Placement

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Credit: Downsizing Diva

Moving homes is not just about the process of packing and moving it to the new home. A lot of times we often forget about the important part of what happens after getting the furniture into the new house; where to place furniture in the new home.

If you are moving to a new house, apartment, condo or retirement residence, you will most likely have a floor plan to look at. If not, it is recommended to obtain accurate measurements and prepare your own floor plan.

Things to Consider when Arranging Furniture

  • A 3’ path facilitates movement from space to space.
  • Place shorter pieces of furniture (chairs and tables) beside traffic areas. This leaves space for upper body maneuvering.
  • Place armoires, tall bookcases and hutches away from doorways and paths to visually increase the amount of space.
  • Furniture placed a few inches away from the walls, adds a feeling of spaciousness to your room.
  • Area carpets unify pieces in a large space and define areas where the furniture is set in unique ways.
  • Carpets centered, or following established angles, ground the room.
  • Do not buy carpets that are too small. They should extend a few inches under the furniture to avoid a crowded look.
  • If furniture is being paced on hardwood or tile, attach felt pads to the feet to make it easier to move around.
  • Glass or metal coasters, under the feet of heavy furniture, minimize dents made in carpets.
  • Moving around heavy furniture is easier when carpet sliders are used. Purchase sliders that are at least 5” in diameter; smaller ones do not provide sufficient weight displacement.

Through these simple furniture placement tips, your home should look a bit more spacious than it was originally.

Read here for more tips on how to organize better for moving day.

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