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Save money while changing lives! Furniture Bank is your#1 socially and environmentally responsible furniture removal solution in Toronto!

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Work with our social enterprise team to discuss the costs and charitable tax receipts for the donated items. 

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We pick up your furniture safely and quickly with our contact-free process. Items return to the charity for processing to get them ready for the community.

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Your furniture donation gets to its new home

Every donation is given at no cost to families in need in the greater Toronto area. We send you a charitable receipt for the value of your furniture, too! When you donate furniture in Toronto, you are changing lives. You’re a hero!

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A wonderfully positive experience. Excellent service and the team who picked up the furniture were efficient, courteous and very helpful.... read more

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Sophia Sperdakos

Great Team Work at Furniture Bank! Your colleagues have been absolutely amazing throughout the process. Stella did a great job of coordinating everything and was extremely... read more


Very organized service. Staff is very kind and understanding. A big thank you to everyone who donated their furniture and... read more

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Fay Carretta
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