How Your Furniture Donations Helped Kaola Build a Safe & Secure Home

‘How donations changed Kaola’s life’

Kaola lost her home in 2010 following a slow spiral into depression, extreme anxiety, and ongoing symptoms of PTSD. The loss of significant figures in her life including the death of a friend and her pet in the same year, meant she wasn’t able to keep up with work and school.

Losing her home fueled her sense of instability.

“Not having a place increased an already strong feeling of isolation, like I did not belong anywhere.”

She first found refuge at a crisis centre then in a shelter and took the time to catch her breath, find support, get healthy and focus on building herself back up. For a year and a half Kaola lived in a transitional home. This gave her the first glimpse into what a real home could feel like.

Not long after Kaola secured hew very own apartment. Two week after moving in, Kaola came to Furniture Bank and honed in immediately on a stately antique dressing table on the showroom floor (shown in the picture above). It brought back memories of a little girl and the moments spent with her mum brushing her hair; watching her mum put on lipstick, trying on her grown-up shoes and playing in front of the mirror.

The furniture Kaola received brought back the feeling of home, safety and security – something she hadn’t experienced in a very long time. 

Now Kaola finds refuge at the end of the day, in a home she continues to fill with hope and new memories. Your old furniture can help more clients like Kaola achieve the safety and security of a furnished home.

Want to help more clients like Kaola?

It costs Furniture Bank $250 to furnish a home for a family. Make a financial donation today and help more clients like Kaola live with the dignity, comfort and the stability of a furnished home.


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