Human Resources Coordinator – Lia [Meet Our Team]

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Working home

Hey! I’m Lia and I work in Human Resources at Furniture Bank. My job is everything and anything to do with people!

I am passionate about cultivating an environment of inclusivity and support in the workplace. I take a grass roots approach to HR, and truly believe that if you take the time to appreciate your employees, the return will be imeasurable. I am a culture enthusiast and believe it is the pillar of a strong and resilient team. If we are lucky enough to have great staff, it is our obligation to ensure everyone looks forward to coming to work in the morning. I advocate for each employee at Furniture Bank, and am always ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.

Furniture Bank Meet Our Team

Aside from this I am responsible on a day-to-day basis for many different tasks including payroll, benefits administration, recruitment and hiring, employment subsidy program management, employee relations, health and safety, and more! I also lead the Furniture Bank culture club to which is targetted at maintaining employee engagement and overall satisfaction with fun office gatherings and more! I recently graduated from the Human Resources Management post grad program, and am thrilled to be able to bring my knowledge of the field into my work at Furniture Bank. I hope to continue to grow as an HR professional and I am learning new things every day.

In March of 2020, everyones lives changed with no road map of how to navigate it. It was a tough time for all, but with strength and good spirit we learned to adapt to the new normal. My work has changed a lot since March of 2020…I have learned that both giving and receiving support in trying times is vital. I learned how to still be present while working apart, and had to find new and exciting ways to keep employees engaged with this new distance between us all. Working from home was an interesting adjustment! I thrive in the office enviornment, as I struggle to create a divide between home and work and feel that the workday never ends! When I had no choice but to work from home, I resorted to transforming my poolside cabana into a home office! It was a perfect little getaway spot, and helped me separate my work from my home life.

Aside from my work in HR, I am a fun-loving, energetic person who loves to be around friends and family! I have an artistic background and am always looking for new projects to take on in my spare time. Whether its learning to play the ukulele, or crafting a DIY for the house, I am always finding a way to bring creativitiy into my day.

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