Impact Journalist – Nick [Meet Our Team]

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Working home

I’m Nick Furi (pronounced Fury). I’m the Impact Journalist at Furniture Bank (and unfortunately did not assemble The Avengers). I am still relatively new to Furniture Bank, but I’m here to help raise awareness of furniture banks across Canada.

I originally thought I was going to be an accountant. Whoof, did I whiff on that one. After two accounting classes in university, I recognized this would not be my future. Luckily, the wonderful world of marketing caught my attention, and I continued with my studies. The creativity, expression, and trying to make a product or service resonate with a consumer intrigued me about marketing. I quickly realized it wasn’t necessarily the marketing I found interesting but instead was the writing and stories you got to tell.

After a couple of years in the B2B space, I opted for a change and moved to Toronto (from Saskatoon). Since then, I’ve focused on writing, creating, and storytelling – personally and professionally.


Outside of writing, I’m a big fan of baseball, going to the movies, and live theatre or comedy shows.

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