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SiMPACT Strategy Group is a leading expert on measuring and valuing social impact.

SiMPACT builds capacity in social impact and valuation through a variety of courses. These include social return on investment (SROI) training, SROI Accreditation Training, and courses highlighting techniques to maximize impact. One-on-One SROI coaching and customized training courses are also our specialty.

In 2017, the Furniture Bank operated on a budget of $3.6M. In the course of enabling 3,927 households to transition from furniture poverty, and recycling, collecting and transitioning 6,664 donations of furniture, the Furniture Bank created $11.77 in value for every dollar invested.

The most significant portion of value created by the Furniture Bank stems from providing furniture to households in need. With the gently used furniture made available, Furniture Bank clients begin to enjoy the psychological, physical, and economic benefits of having a furnished home.

Furniture Bank created a SROI of $11.77 in value for every $1 invested.

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