Too Good To Waste!

Thank you for visiting Furniture Bank to learn more about the Too Good To Waste project. A common question is: what items can be accepted and deliver social impact in the community?

too good to waste

What furniture can be accepted?

Furniture Bank is a social enterprise powered charity that provides low-income individuals and families with home essentials needed to create conditions of comfort, dignity and stability that come from having a furnished home.

On a top of regular furnishing items in good condition, we accept anything made out of solid wood, like:

  • Old wooden bed frames
  • Headboards and footboards
  • Table leaves
  • Table tops
  • Wobbly chairs
  • Dressers missing knobs
  • Loose drawers/frames

What happens in our Worskshop?

Families existing crisis are often moving into smaller apartments and always need tables and chairs that will fit into a studio or a bachelor apartment. That being said, your donated furniture makes its way to the workshop team to repair, refurbish or even repurpose items too good to waste into all new tables. Even where your wooden furniture donated to us can make a impact in your community.

Your support of our pickup social enterprise, or funding the workshop allows hundreds of dining tables, desks, dressers and coffee tables to be made. Where there is extra wood, your old furniture can be transformed into parts of new bed frames!

With smaller furniture items, we make cutting boards with wood too good to waste! Watch this short video to see you how we do it!

Your unwanted furniture is needed all year round!

Furniture poverty affects hundreds of thousands of families across Canada. Your support powers the mission to provide families with essential furnishing to successfully start a new, dignified life in their new housing. Throughout the year your unwanted furniture items can make an immediate impact on the community.

To operate year round our pickup and workshop social enterprises funding is needed to keep trucks on the road, lights on in the workshop and warehouse, to paychecks for our forty employees.

When you choose to hire Furniture Bank for your furniture removal needs, you make a tremendous impact both social and environmental.

This social and environmental impact funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation