Mackenzie Investments

Building more than just furniture together

Since 2011, Furniture Bank has received unwavering support from Mackenzie Investments. Their generosity has had a direct and positive impact on individuals in need. By volunteering their time and energy to combat furniture poverty, they help fortify our communities.


Lifetime Impact

Since 2011

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your community. Mackenzie Investments has had a large impact on the GTA community through their support of Furniture Bank and our mission to end furniture poverty!

Corporate Groups
Individuals supported
Children Supported

Building furniture and communities

Since 2011, Mackenzie Investments has been a steadfast investor in Furniture Bank, providing essential financial contributions that have empowered us to pursue our mission. Their unwavering generosity has translated directly into positive outcomes for individuals in need, enabling them to establish safe and comfortable homes.

Mackenzie Investments has not only been a generous financial supporter but has also demonstrated their commitment through volunteer efforts. Their dedicated team has actively worked to combat furniture poverty, contributing their time and energy to strengthen our communities. Their hands-on involvement has made a tangible impact on the lives of those we serve.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the prospect of continuing our collaboration with Mackenzie Investments. Their ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the less fortunate is truly commendable. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their enduring partnership and the transformative role they play in our shared mission.

Mackenzie Investments homing heroes in action

Mackenzie Investments May 13th, 2024

October 20th, 2023

8 Volunteers

27 Items refurbished/ assembled

17 Families supported

We had a blast with the Mackenzie team in The Workshop! Thank you and we can’t wait to host you again.

Mackenzie Investments October 20th, 2023

October 20th, 2023

21 Volunteers

54 Items refurbished/ assembled

38 Families supported

Year after year, Mackenzie Investments has stood by us with unwavering support, and we were happy to see them back in The Workshop. Their hard work made a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you Mackenzie Investments!

Mackenzie Investments 2022


4 Volunteer groups 

14 Volunteers

55 Individuals supported 

Mackenzie Investments has consistently demonstrated their support over the years, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming their teams back to our Workshop, where they can continue their invaluable work in refurbishing furniture.

Mackenzie Investments 2020


1 Volunteer groups 

8 Volunteers

Mackenzie Investments makes every effort to show up for Furniture Bank, even in the midst of the pandemic. We are excited to host their group in The Workshop. 

Mackenzie Investments 2018


2 Volunteer groups 

15 Volunteers

57 Individuals supported 

Mackenzie Investments has shown their support over numerous years, and we hope to host their teams again in our Workshop, where they can help refurbish furniture. 

Mackenzie Investments 2013


12 Volunteer groups 

127 Volunteers

297 Individuals supported 

Mackenzie Investments has steadfastly supported both Furniture Bank and families throughout the GTA over numerous years. 

Thank you homing heroes!

Furniture Bank Superhero