Will we come into your home?

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Yes, we offer an in-home furniture removal service.

Upon entering your home, we ask that you abide by physical distancing measures and keep at least 6 ft away from the pickup team at all times. Our teams will be equipped with full protective gear to ensure the safety of everyone.

With in-home pick-ups, we ask that all items be easily accessible (no obstructions) and free of personal belongings. The items listed for donation must be labelled.

The team will need access to safe and legal parking on the day of pick up. We ask that a service elevator be reserved in advance for in-unit (building, condo, storage unit, and retirement residence) pick-ups. Where there is no access to an elevator, please note that our team cannot traverse more than 2 flights of stairs.

Why our drop-off remains closed?

Distanced Furniture Pickup

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