Canada Summer Jobs at Furniture Bank

Three mains pillars of Furniture Bank are:

  1. Ending furniture poverty (since 1998!). Read more on who we support HERE
  2. Supporting circular economy by diverting furniture from landfills
  3. Providing work experience, training & skills to youth, newcomers and individuals facing barriers to employment. Read more HERE

For the past two years, the Government of Canada has been funding the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Canada Summer Jobs offers contracted summer employment for youth ages 16-30! It offers full-time or part-time employment for a total of 300 hours in the areas of Sales, Operations, Client Services, and Accounting!

This year, we had the pleasure to work with five bright and very talented individuals: Antony, Alisha, Jenn, Michael, and Alex.

Canada Summer Jobs Furniture Bank
I have absolutely loved working at Furniture bank the past few months. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging throughout this experience and I am proud to be a part of an organization that does so much for our community
- Jenn
Working at Furniture Bank this summer not only provided me with great work experience, it allowed me to meet the many incredible people who make all the amazing things happen here. Everyone at Furniture Bank has been so welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and allow me to participate and grow in a positive environment. Knowing that I am part of something that does so much good for the community and for so many families, makes coming to work every day that much more enjoyable and rewarding. The process here truly is magical, so many families now have a kitchen table to eat meals at, a bed to sleep on and everything else that makes a house a home because of the hard work of everyone here.
- Alisha
Amazingly supportive management and delightfully co-operative co-workers made my time at FurnitureBank as a summer student a fantastic experience. I am thrilled to have joined while the accounting department was going through so many changes and upgrades. To have had the opportunity to assist in the transfer from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online, while simultaneously learning about all the different components, financial and non-financial, that make up this amazingly innovative company was a blast!
- Alex

We are delighted to announce that one of our Summer Students will stay with us full-time and two other will be joining us part-time! Welcome aboard!

Spend your summer with an innovative team of change-makers, and gain skills that are fully transferrable for your future! After the contract is completed, there is an opportunity for full-time or part-time employment afterward, to continue your career with Furniture Bank!

We still are looking for 1 client services clerk, 1 sales associate, and 6 movers!

Which we are looking forward to hiring between now and Feb 2022 for the 300-hour contract. To apply please apply through the company job board, where all openings will be listed:

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