Digital Marketing Coordinator – Kat [Meet Our Team]

Working home

Hello. I’m Kat and I work as a Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Furniture Bank. I’m that girl behind our social media posts and stories, and yes, I’ve created and published the „Meet Our Team” series as well. My job is to gather our team and get ideas from them: all the suggestions, issues and questions they receive from our customers, prospects and clients- and then to make sure we answer those questions and spread the message in the easiest way possible. We want to reach as many people as possible because this way we can help individuals and families in need.

Working remotely isn’t anything new for me. I have my morning routine which sets up the pace for the day, every day, and the only distraction I have to deal with is my neighbour next door, playing the guitar and singing out loud (even now when I’m writing it). I kind of like it, though.

While I’m a quick learner and the tools and platforms we are using to stay in touch as a team is not a big deal for me, I do find it challenging to feel connected without meeting my colleagues. Especially as a new team member. At the same time, I’m extremely grateful for having a job I like and that I’m able to work in the middle of a pandemic.

Kat Anielak

Once a Wandering Filmmaker, I’m now – for obvious reasons – getting creative in other fields like sewing. Being aware of climate change and the consequences of our everyday choices, I’m reusing and repairing whatever I can, visiting local thrift stores occasionally. And yes, this was another reason why I fell in love with Furniture Bank’s mission. I’m glad to work here, changing the world together, one sofa at a time.

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