Happy to Give My Time to Furniture Bank

Introducing Thomas Bendo, our newest Furniture Bank volunteer.  Thomas started volunteering at Furniture Bank April 20, 2014. He has been a huge support helping move and organize furniture in our warehouse and showroom. Thomas is also one of our amazing Workshop Warriors!

Let Thomas talk to you about his experience in his own words


My name is Thomas Bendo and I presently volunteer at Furniture Bank. I have been volunteering 3-5 days per week during a period of unemployment. I worked mainly in offices the last several years, so it was nice to be in a different environment for my volunteer efforts and fun to be physically active again.

When I first decided to volunteer I looked into most of the charitable organizations in my area. What first struck me about Furniture Bank was the great attitude of the staff working there.

I met with the volunteer coordinator Joe Di Paolo for my orientation.  Not only was he very helpful and informative in getting me started, he was great to work with and made sure that I had everything that I needed to succeed with my volunteer goals.

During my time at Furniture Bank, I have had the pleasure of interacting with their caring and inspiring staff as well as the clients that the charity works hard to help. Being around people who care about others enough to do something about it is a great feeling, and seeing firsthand the lives that you can touch when you give back to your community is even better.

I am very glad that I choose to volunteer at the Furniture Bank, and I know my time and experiences here will not be forgotten. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting involved in their community to volunteer at the Furniture Bank.

The atmosphere is uplifting, the staff are great to work with, and the feeling you get knowing that you made a small difference is one of the best life has to offer.


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