10 Steps to a New Home: Journey of a Donated Sofa

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So what exactly happens to your old sofa after you donate it to Furniture Bank?

Let’s just say it goes on the most action packed 48 hour ride of its life.

In this post, we’ve captured the 10 step journey of a donated sofa so you can relive and experience from the comfort of your own home. So sit back, strap on your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride!

Also, you’re in for a treat – this gently used sofa has been kind enough to narrate the donation process in real time.

 Step 1: “I’m starting to get excited for my new life, in a new home, with a new family”

1 Sofa in Donors Home.fw

Step 2: “Fresh air – I haven’t seen the light of day in years!”

2 Sofa Leaving Donors Home.fw

Step 3: “packed, loaded and ready to go! First stop, Furniture Bank!”

3 Packed and ready to go.fw

Step 4: “Arriving at Furniture Bank. This place is so cool”

4 Furniture Arrives at Furniture Bank.fw

Step 5: “Off the truck, leaving the warehouse and getting ready for the showroom. I hope a family selects me…”

5 Furniture into the Showroom.fw

Step 6: ” The waiting is unbearable!”

6 Sofa on the Showroom.fw

Step 7: “Selected by a loving family. Thank you Lyn for being such a great volunteer showroom guide to this family.”

7 Sofa Selected by Client.fw

Step 8: “Getting ready for the big move!”

8 Getting Ready for new home.fw

Step 9: “Waiting with my new furniture friends excited for the move”

9 Waiting for the delivery.fw

Step 10: “Home sweet home with my new loving family”

10 Sofa in Clients Home.fw

This newcomer family of four referred to Furniture Bank by Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, now has the necessary furniture to establish their home in Canada. Everyday, gently used donated furniture is furnishing homes and empowering lives across Toronto. Like our Operations Manager says: “4 walls don’t make a home, your donations to Furniture Bank do.”

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