Timeline of Distanced Furniture Pickup

Canada's First Distanced Furniture Removal Service

Since March 17th our facility closed and our team has been working hard remotely in order to do our part to #flattenthecurve while still supporting the City of Toronto’s Housing Programs as on essential service. We have hundreds of families unable to self isolate successfully in empty housing and they need our support now more than ever.

Today I am thrilled to announce Canada’s first DISTANCED Removal Service is live operating! Where our professional staff ensure your donated items can be collected and delivered to the thousands of families needing a home during this crisis safely and carefully all the way through the Furniture Bank process.

Below is a timeline of a typical distanced pickup, (from your home to the new home) and our team at Furniture Bank look forward to talking to you about your specific donation items and help kickstart your isolated spring cleaning project. #togetherwecan

Tammy Peddle
Director of Social Enterprise & Impact

How does a Distanced Furniture Pickup work?

Decide to help! Donate!

Spring clean now. Organize your furniture, boxes of housewares, and other items that could be used by Furniture Bank.

What to donate?


Tell us about your donation!

Where you are, timing, and other contact details in the Booking Request. 

Click here to start


Let's talk to answer your questions

We have a team of amazing helpful staff looking to help organize a pickup.

Within 2 business hours

Pay over the phone

To avoid payment in person we handle this upfront - safer for everyone! 100% funds go directly to charity operations. 
(We currently accept all MAJOR credit cards)

Why we can't afford FREE

On the call with Furniture Bank

Isolate Your Donations

We will not enter your home and we will maintain 6-feet distance at all times. Ideally in a garage, on your porch, in the driveway or in a storage/loading area in your building .Please wipe all surfaces with bleach wipes or leave untouched for 3 days for safety. Please label items with tape or paper that read FURNITURE BANK.

Read more about cleaning furniture

At least 3 days before pickup

We send you a email reminder

We will provide email and text notices of our arrival times. If the donation needs to be delayed, let us know and we can find a new day.

1 Day before pickup

We send you a ETA Text

We will provide email and text notices of our arrival times.

2 hours before pickup

The Pickup Team Arrives!

Provide access to our team!
Our staff are trained to follow proper distancing and safety protocols.

Watch what pickup looks like (in home)

Pickup day!

Pickup Team Departs!

Our team will notify you when done and depart.

We are quick!

Donation returns to Furniture Bank

Your in-kind donations will be returned to Furniture Bank for deposit.

Same day after pickup

Unloading & Inspecting

All items will be carefully unloaded and inspected for regifting or repair needs.

Read More

Same day after pickup

Cleaning & Processing

All hard surfaces will be sanitized by Furniture Bank. We welcome any spare supplies when we come to pickup!

Read More

Same day after pickup

Donation deposited into the Bank

All community donations are gathered, organized inventoried and ready to support  Toronto community agencies and their families.

End of pickup day

Sometimes ...Repairs at the Workshop

Our other social enterprise. We are repairing, refurbishing, and recycling items that need our help to be able to help. Part of Legup Program.

Watch our Workshop in action!

Pickup Day +1

Community Agency Priority Requests

As community agencies secure shelter and empty housing they make priority requests to Furniture Bank to assemble Homing Kit. From empty housing to a successful home through furnishings!


Read More


Homing Kits Assembled

Staff and volunteers curate from community donations the best home solution we can and prepare for shipping.

Next day!

Homing Kit Delivered to Family

Your donations start making back into the community. Following our Distanced Delivery Service.

Within days!

You just changed a life !

Family as the furniture, housewares, and other necessities of life to move past 'shelter' and towards a successful home.

Help one more family

Within days!

Your Charitable Tax Receipt is sent!

An email will be sent with your Charitable Tax receipt for the in-kind furniture donated.

Read More

3 Days after your donation

Get involved
book today!

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