Handy Dandy Organizing Tips to Prep You for Your Move!

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move checklist

Credit: Downsizing Diva

Preparing for your move is hectic and there is just so much to remember to do. One minute you would be worrying about which moving company to hire, the next you might be wondering what you should do with all that food you have in the freezer. There is just so much to prepare for and moving day is only going to come closer and closer.


Stop/start services

It is important to notify you service providers – phone, heat, hydro, cable – of your move so you will not be over paying what you need to or cutting the service too early before your move. You will have to discuss start/stop dates. Contact can be made by phone, in writing or over the internet. Whatever method you use, leave enough time to ensure that you will have a smooth service switchover when you move.

Work through your house, room-by-room

Assign an area which you will use to store all items to be moved to your new place. Tackle one room at a time. When everything is removed from one room, sweep or vacuum the floor and close the door. This gives you a sense of accomplishment as you see each door closed.

Moving day comes quicker than you think

You can start planning for your move many weeks in advance, but in reality, many will leave the real work to the final couple of weeks.

Simplify moving day

  • Create a detailed floor plan of your new home. Use this as a blueprint and indicate the placement of large pieces of furniture.
  • Purchase rolls of different coloured duct tape and assign each room with a specific colour. When you finish packing and labeling each box, put a large piece of the “room colour” tape on the box.
  • Use the colour-code system on your floor plan to reduce confusion on moving day. Give the movers a copy of your floor plan and the colour-code system when they leave for your new home.
  • Once you arrive to your new home, place colour-coded signs on the doors to each room so everyone will know where things go.

These organizing tips should help you make your move more organized. With an organized move, you will change moving day from a stressful day to a successful day.

Read about inventory lists to learn more about how it can help make your move easier.

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