Thank You, Riverdale Community!

We recently had the pleasure of working once again with Lina Risi from Postcardhomes, J&D A Division of Royal Lepage R.E. Svss. Lina has been supporting Furniture Bank for almost a decade now, whether attending events, financial support or the incredibly fun donation drives within the Riverdale community.

Lina first contacted us back in 2017, with the idea of a donation drive throughout Riverdale. She wanted to help people that were willing to donate their unwanted furniture, and to make sure they go to families in need. Every year, Lina has generously purchased a truck and team for the day. This covers our pickup fees for the Riverdale residents wanting to participate and change lives. Thanks to Lina’s work and dedication, every event has been a huge success! More and more people are now supporting the circular economy and donating their furniture to organizations like ours.

On Wednesday, October 20th – Antonio and Ryan – hit the streets of Riverdale along with Lina collecting excellent items that will now be on their way to families in need. We are extremely grateful to Lina and the Riverdale community for their support. We wanted to know more about how this event aligns with Lina’s work and her goals.

FB: Why do you do these events?

Lina: It is invigorating to know that you are helping twofold – the homeowner often doesn’t know who to give their gently used furniture to or perhaps the family heirloom is no longer viable, and for the homeowner to know that it is being repurposed and not deteriorating in some forgotten room is very much a good feeling for all. And, the recipients are benefitting twofold, receiving a donated piece of furniture and fulfilling the mental aspect to help create a warm, and comfortable home environment.

FB: How do these events support your own work?

Lina: These events help support my work in the sense that I am now providing a needy service, and it ties in beautifully with Furniture Bank.

FB: Why should other realtors be getting involved?

Lina: Realtors in other areas should definitely be getting involved! Giving back and championing causes such as Furniture Bank is huge. When I walked into their home they could not stop thanking me and expressed their feelings over and over, saying it was rare and remarkable to see a Realtor not putting themselves first. “You mean to tell us you are not here to sell our home”.

Speaking about gratitude: thanks to this initiative, Riverdale donated 71 items and we will now be able to fully furnish an additional 5 homes with your donations!

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