Volunteer Profile – Lena B

Client services volunteer Lena shares how she discovered Furniture Bank – and why she continues giving back to the community.

“Hi, my name is Lena and I have been volunteering at Furniture Bank for a little over 9 years.
I initially found out about Furniture Bank when I was looking to donate some furniture from my parents house. I had no idea at that time what Furniture Bank was all about, but when I came to drop off my donations a warehouse worker named Don gave me an overview and even walked me through the showroom. I was very impressed.
I had left my corporate job the year before and I was looking for somewhere to volunteer some time, so after seeing what Furniture Bank was doing I asked if they needed volunteers and I was introduced to their Client Service Manager at the time. We talked about what the volunteers did, how the processes worked and how many days I could “work”. I completed the volunteer application and began within the next week.
Over the years that I have been at Furniture Bank, I have met some great people both full time employees and other volunteers. It’s a very close group of people where everyone helps everyone. Specifically meeting and helping clients choose furniture and housewares and knowing how much these items will help them is a great feeling.
I would highly recommend anyone looking for some volunteer opportunities to consider joining Furniture Bank.”

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