IKEA’s Together for Earth Month

IKEA Event 23 24 April

Creating Circular Economy

The relationship between IKEA and Furniture Bank started with a meeting between Melissa Barbosa (IKEA) and charity partner Annalee Sawiak (Furniture Link) back in 2019. By 2020 Furniture Bank in Toronto had became a solution provider to IKEA for sustainable reuse for a steady supply of quality returned mattresses returns from IKEA customers. Quality mattresses are a coveted item for Furniture Bank clients who are moving into empty housing often without the most basic furniture items.

Furniture Bank is a social enterprise-powered charity that provides low-income individuals and families with home essentials needed to create conditions of comfort, dignity and stability that come from having a furnished home. By delivering usable furniture to our clients, we divert them from landfills, which supports our planet and the people in our communities. Last year alone, we redistributed 41,659 items helping 2143 families to start anew.

IKEA thrives on sustainability solutions and eco-friendly furniture. After some additional one-off gives (and one incredibly generous give during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic), IKEA began to see Furniture Bank as a solution their own sustainable goals (People + Planet 2030).

IKEA reached out to Furniture Bank in July 2021 to see if they could use over 9300 pieces of furniture affected by the unsustainable practices of a former supplier. The 9300 products consisted of step stools, benches, bathroom shelving units, and towel stands. These new items found a home supporting people in need and an environmentally sustainable solution for our planet! This time, some of the products went to other Furniture Banks across Canada through the help of the Furniture Bank Network. Furniture Link had recently sponsored the Furniture Bank Network (FBN) which Furniture Bank would coordinate in Canada. 

Take Back Event with IKEA

That’s when the idea of a local collaboration became a Canadian event. In November 2020, the ‘IKEA Give Back’ pilot event was launched. Supported by IKEA and coordinated through the Furniture Bank Network, furniture banks across the country met their customers for the drop-off event at the local IKEA stores. In exchange, customers were provided with a coupon for shopping at the store.

In November 2021, the ‘Take Back Event’ (also known as Green Friday) was a huge success!

Furniture banks from eight different locations from the West Coast to the East collected 541 items, equivalent to 8 tonnes of furniture. 85% of a wide variety of these items will be used to furnish new homes!

Give Back Items By Market (%)

Wide Range Of Donations

We Are Doing It Again For Earth Month!

We are happy to announce that this time the ‘Take Back’ Event will take place in April during Earth Month!

You have the opportunity on the 23rd and 24th of April 2022 to meet our Furniture Bank teams at the following IKEA stores:

Come Join Us for "Together for Earth Month"

Join your community with your furniture give back at your local IKEA and become a HOMING HERO! By giving back your furniture for another life, you are making a big impact by supporting the planet and helping people in our community start anew! Give back, feel great and get a coupon for in-store shopping! See you there!

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