DON’T JUNK IT! Donate your unwanted artwork

What makes a house a home? Here at Furniture Bank, we’ve proved for 16 years how far furniture goes to making a house feel like a home, especially for those of our clients just transitioning out of homelessness (read more about who else we serve here).

We specialize in providing basic furnishings to our clients, but we are also aware of that little extra that items like artwork can bring to a home. Pride in your home is universal, and just like anyone else, our clients have a desire to decorate their new dwellings. Your unwanted paintings might just be someone else’s treasure.

What to do with unwanted paintings?

Did you know you can donate your unwanted artwork to Furniture Bank? Many individuals look for thrift shops or flea markets to sell pieces they are no longer interested in, but for many, discarding artwork is the only viable alternative. Instead of throwing it in the trash, you can donate any unwanted artwork to those who will truly value it.

Some time ago, Furniture Bank decided to start offering clients donated artwork. And the response was great! We’ve seen first hand how much our clients value a beautiful painting or wall hanging. Paintings that were unwanted by their original owners are now hanging in homes where they are being enjoyed and appreciated.

At Furniture Bank, you can donate any unwanted artwork that you’re ready to part with! And of course, you’ll get a charitable tax receipt for the value of your donation.

Here’s the artwork currently on display on our showroom floor:

Artwork on display at Furniture Bank's showroom

Where can I donate unwanted paintings?

Wondering what to do with your unwanted artwork? Donate it to Furniture Bank by requesting a pick-up at your residence. Our professional team comes directly to your home for a socially distanced pick-up, so you can donate your unwanted artwork easily and safely.

By using Furniture Bank, you are not only supporting families in need but reducing waste by passing on any unwanted paintings or other items to people who will be able to use and enjoy them. Donations can reach their new homes in as little as 72 hours! Learn more about how it works here, or contact us for more information.

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