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Furniture banks are registered charities, not-for-profit organizations or social purpose organizations designed to provide gently used household furnishings to individuals and families in need, at little or no cost. If you are in need of furniture or have furniture you would like to donate, find a furniture bank near you in our directory.

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The most socially and environmentally responsible furniture removal solution!

Furniture banks prevent tens of thousands of pounds of furniture from entering landfills each year. This furniture gets put back into its community where it can have a second chance at life. Generous furniture donors can rest easy knowing that their furniture is being used by a family in need who cannot afford furniture instead of rotting in a landfill where it is no use to anyone. Why pay money to have someone throw it in a landfill when you can hire their social enterprise or make a financial donation to cover the costs of transport? The choice is clear. 

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Furniture banks are registered charities, not-for-profit organizations or social enterprises designed to provide gently used household furnishings to individuals and families in need, at little or no cost. 

The movement, which originated in the United States, is now firmly established and continuing to gain momentum in Canada. The basic model involves gently used furniture being donated by people who no longer use it, and transferred to those who are struggling financially to furnish their own homes. Usually, a network of community agencies ensures that the right people get access to the furniture.

It’s a cycle of giving and helping, providing the most vulnerable individuals in society the means to create a true home. 

Not all furniture banks operate exactly the same, but all aim to ensure good furniture and housewares end up back into the community to support getting children off the floor, and families established in a furnished home.

Step 1:

Generous donors drop off, or arrange pick up of their gently used furniture. Furniture donors may be individuals, private organizations or public entities – basically any person or group in possession of gently used but unwanted furniture, housewares and more.

Step 2:

Families in need work with staff or volunteers to browse and choose their next home furnishings from available donated items. Furniture banks usually work with a range of social service and housing agencies to assess client needs – ensuring that donated furniture is transferred to the most vulnerable members of society.

Step 3:

You feel great for making a difference in a family’s life, helping the environment and giving your furniture a second chance.

The families served by furniture banks include the previously homeless, unemployed and working poor, battered women and children in retreat, immigrants, individuals with mental or physical disabilities, victims of fire, robbery, and natural disasters, etc.

They have housing, but are faced with the harsh reality that their “home” is empty or severely under-furnished – without beds for the children, a table, chairs and dishes to share meals, or even a sofa to sit on and relax.

After basic expenses such as rent, utilities, food and clothing are paid, there’s little if anything left for the common household furnishings we all take for granted.

Furniture banks provide more than furniture and household items to recipients. We provide dignity. Not just dignity and pride in one’s home, but the dignity of choice.

All furniture donations received will be in good, usable condition, allowing items to be used as intended and loved by furniture recipients.

In addition, rather than merely handing over a pre-selected list of furniture items; where possible, furniture banks allow recipients to choose their own furniture. As such many furniture banks operate a showroom, inviting clients to browse the furniture on offer and select items that suit their style and tastes.

In order to provide an efficient service, many furniture banks provide a pickup and delivery service. Within a set radius and for a fee, furniture donors can request their donations be picked up by their chosen furniture bank.

Generally, furniture donors receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of their furniture donation.

Furniture banks are also active recyclers, working with city authorities and private organizations to divert as much waste from landfills as possible.

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