3 Options for Disposing Your Old Kitchen Utensils and Appliances

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Guest Blog Post by Lena, Furniture Bank Volunteer and Downsizing Guru

Have you ever had to replace your old kitchen utensils and appliances? Disposing of your old kitchen items can be an overwhelming task, given that this highly utilized space often means we store more “stuff” than needed in our kitchens. And let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of the home for many.

Below are 3 viable options to consider if you need to dispose of your old kitchen utensils and appliances in an ethical manner or simply downsize what you have.

Start by taking an inventory. This can sometimes be time-consuming but we don’t always know what we have. Do you really need 3 salad spinners? Have you used all 5 soup ladles lately? The small things add up and can clutter our spaces quickly! Take stock and remove those items that don’t work, or are in less than perfect condition. For any kitchen item that is in poor condition or no longer works, we suggest you dispose of these in your city curbside garbage pick up.  Small appliances can be placed in a small box beside your garbage.

For all kitchen items that are in good to excellent condition consider the following:

  1. Kitchen utensils and appliances that you no longer need or want can be donated to several charitable organizations across the city. Thrift stores such as Value Village and Salvation Army will gladly accept these items for you. Furniture Bank also accepts many of these items. Here is a list of items that we accept.
  2. Dishes, glasses/cups, serving items, pots & pans, containers that are in excellent condition (meaning no chips, cracks or previous repairs) can be sold or donated. If you believe there is a high monetary value for these items you can contact a consignment store and discuss the potential to sell your items.  Most consignment stores will take a percentage of the sale as their fee. Click here to read about the best consignment stores in Toronto as outlined by blogTO.
  3. Kitchen furniture such as tables and chairs, microwave stands, movable islands, and stools can be sold or donated as well. You can sell via a consignment store or on-line using Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or UsedToronto.com. It may take more time and effort to sell privately but you could have a higher monetary return. If you want to dispose of or downsize items quickly, then consider donating these items to Furniture Bank so we can transfer them to a family in need of these items.

Our drop-off remains closed at that time. 

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