Rotaractors Help People Furnish Their Beginnings at Furniture Bank

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Rotaractors help people furnish their beginnings at Furniture Bank

On a cold Saturday in November, a group of Rotaractors from our club volunteered at Furniture Bank.  What is Furniture Bank?  You’ve heard of food banks that help to provide food for those who need it.  Furniture Bank is the same idea, but with furniture and household goods!

Furniture Bank transfers gently used furniture and household goods donated by individuals or corporations to people who have recently transitioned out of homelessness. They help turn an empty space into a true home with a kitchen table to enjoy meals, a comfortable space to share stories of the day and bug free beds for safe sweet dreams. In 2012, Furniture Bank helped 2,739 families or over 5,400 people including over 1,800 children.

They work with 73 shelters and agencies serving women and children leaving abusive situations, refugee families seeking safety and youth at risk, as well as Toronto’s Streets to Homes program.

As Rotaract volunteers, we helped guide families through the ‘showroom’ floor and helped them pick out any items they need, for free.  The floor includes sofas, beds, desks, dressers, tables, chairs and a variety of other household goods.  It was a truly touching experience to work with clients that were so appreciative and excited to furnish their beginnings!

An added environmental bonus about Furniture Bank: By transferring items from donor to client, Furniture Bank helps to divert these materials from landfills and in 2012, that volume wasover 1,500 metric tonnes of material that would have otherwise been waste.

If you ever have any furniture or household goods that you are looking to donate or give away, please consider Furniture Bank!  They will come to your house with a truck and pick them up!



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Three mains pillars of Furniture Bank are: Ending furniture poverty (since 1998!). Read more on who we support HERE Supporting circular economy