Another volunteer success story

Chantal came from Nambia, where she was routinely victimized because of her sexual orientation. Arriving in Canada with very little, Chantal began to volunteer at Furniture Bank shortly after her arrival and found immense relief when she was accepted and welcomed from the onset by our staff. This was a stark contrast to the challenges that day-to-day life posed in her homeland.

Chantal’s dream is to become an electrical engineer and her efforts at Furniture Bank were the first steps in that journey. She amassed valuable work experience that she is looking to parlay into a job in customer service, which she in turn is looking to fund her eventual schooling. There is a lot of work to be done but Chantal has approached her goal with a positive attitude and a strong motivation.

Sometimes, the most valuable asset that Furniture Bank can provide isn’t a couch or a kitchen table. It’s the support, understanding and opportunity that we provide to our clients and volunteers every day.