Last week, as Furniture Bank hosted Federal Ministers, the Mayor of Toronto and members of the press for an announcement from the Government of Canada of major investment in the fight against homelessness in our communities, one item in our warehouse kept drawing everyone’s attention to itself. It was of a simple dollhouse emblazoned with Furniture Bank’s logo.

This is not your ordinary dollhouse. It stands out for what it lacks just as much as for how it looks. In fact it is bare on the inside, calling to mind Sister Anne’s experience of visiting the home of a family of five, a home that was devoid of furnishings but for a couple of milk crates and a cooking pot. It recalls this experience which was the catalyst to her founding Furniture Bank in 1998.

Furniture Bank Empty Doll House

The dollhouse makes a powerful visual statement that resonates with everyone who comes into contact with it because it forces us to think about what it’s like to have a roof over one’s head but no furniture – to need the help of Furniture Bank to make a house a true home. A situation that our clients face, and which your furniture donations help to alleviate.

This work of art was created by one of our fervent supporters and an exceptional artist & furniture designer: Frank De Jong. Frank creates custom furniture from his base in downtown Toronto and even contributes works to our annual fundraiser Chair Affair.

Frank De Jong Dollhouse Designer

Frank – from all of us at Furniture Bank – Thank You! To learn more about Frank and contact him, check out his website:

Having a furnished home ensures our clients achieve the dignity, security and stability associated with having a place to call home, which in turn has a positive, knock on effect in other areas of their life. You too can play a role in helping to alleviate homelessness. Your used furniture can change a life. Click here to donate furniture today.