Guest post by Louise Toner, Furniture Bank’s Housewares Donations Expert

Here at Furniture Bank we receive donations of all kinds of gently used household items. Our clients, who are trying to create a home as they transition out of homelessness, love the housewares donations we receive from our lovely donors!  And occasionally we open up a box and are amazed at what we have found.

So here, in Part 2 of an occasional series, we are pleased to present to you some of the more unique items received at Furniture Bank recently.

1. A surfer Girl

Surfer Girl’s surfboard is actually a salt and pepper shaker. Who would of thought!

2. Commemorative Mug

A commemorative mug from a 1976 convention that someone saved for 39 years so they could donate it to Furniture Bank 🙂

3. A Big Framed Bug

This lovingly preserved & framed bug is about a foot tall. The label identifies him as Family Phasmatidae.

Even though we have fun when unique housewares donations like these come through our doors, there’s always items our clients need and enjoy year-round.

So if you have gently used housewares that you no longer require – like small kitchen appliances, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, tableware, and artwork – then consider donating them to Furniture Bank along with the furniture that you’ve decided is surplus to requirements in your home. And we’ll make sure it gets to a family transitioning out of homelessness or displacement.

Click here for a full list of household items Furniture Bank accepts.