Frank (left), Don (right)

Frank, whose family received similar support years ago, strongly connected with our work in the community. When he came to Furniture Bank wanting to volunteer, it was humbling to hear that he had a previous connection to our cause.

Don, a longstanding staff member at Furniture Bank (over 15 years) quickly developed a mutual rapport and respect for Frank and vice versa. Don’s tireless efforts steaming mattresses and sofas, sorting inventory, always with a positive attitude and smile on his face, inspired Frank to do something that went beyond his volunteer duties.  Something from the bottom of his heart.

One of the appliances crucial to what we do, is our industrial steamer. The steamer is critical in ensuring that our clients receive the best quality furniture we can provide. That particular Friday morning, the poor old steamer finally gave up the ghost after years of hard labour.

Later that day, Don was looking for Frank but he was nowhere to be found. Some of the warehouse staff told him they saw Frank driving off in his car. Don, ever the busy man, shrugged as he tinkered with the tired steamer, in a last ditch effort to get it working.

What happened next was a great moment. After lunch, Frank quietly walked in the back door carrying a big box. Before Don could ask where Frank had been, he looked more closely and saw a photo of a steamer. Don was speechless. Frank had gone to Canadian Tire and replaced the old steamer with a brand new one, entirely at his own expense.

Don said, “I’ve been with Furniture Bank for fifteen years, and I’ve seen it all. But what Frank did on Friday brought a tear to my eye, and I’m not the sensitive type!”

Thanks Frank, for putting a smile on the face of everyone at Furniture Bank!